"Nobody wants you but everyone needs you"

A provocation around the role and value of and expectations for artists within cultural and social change. Rather than expecting others to articulate artists’ value on their behalf, I am proposing that artists take responsibility themselves for this and for advocating for and translating their value to others.

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Independent Creative Living - some reading

Think about it: living creatively, for life, was a conference held in Gateshead, 28 June 2016 comprising inspiring presentations and a practical workshop. It was aimed specifically at interested people from the arts, health and wellbeing and housing to explore and debate the issues and strategies and to inform a chain of actions which will lead to development and realisation of the concept of Independent Creative Living as an innovative housing and arts development initiative in North East England. A compilation of some of the resources that those organising this event and furthering the initiative have found informative or inspirational is published here for wider information. Updates added 09/08/2016

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​Creativity at the heart: the holistic approach

This paper combines arguments first presented by Susan Jones at an engage annual conference in which she questioned the efficacy of our institutionally-driven visual arts ecology with new research and enquiry into future cultural, digital and social environments for the arts. It calls for adoption of a more open, imaginative, lateral, collaborative and responsive approaches to creating cultural value, premised on building relationships and rapport with the different kinds and bandwidths of audiences and with the enablers and the makers of art. Links updated 17/05/2018

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