State of the Nation: Parallel State

Parallel State 27 03 2020

Two podcasts within the Parallel State series discussing the immediate and sustained implications of the Covid19 lockdown and isolation on artists and the arts. They brought together virtually on 27 March 2020 Rose Butler, Jon Dovey, Tim Etchells, Adrian Friedli, Susan Jones, Simon Poulter, Isabelle Tracy and Hwa Young Jung.

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Artists’ emergency: arts policy’s role in the future of artists’ livelihoods


“We must see the cultural ecosystem in which every person, every organisation, every cultural expression, has a legitimate place.” Francois Matarasso, Let’s use this breathing space wisely, 25 March 2020

Strategic arts policy funding interventions premised on equality and co-operation are key to sustaining visual artists’ livelihoods over a life-cycle. This text in the Covid19 portfolio combines secondary data analysis with cross-references to prior and new research to offer six reference points for the economic value of artists’ practices within the arts and creative industries including indication of their income sources in broad terms. It concludes with an argument for vital new structural arts policy and advocacy measures to ensure that many visual artists – not just a few - survive through the immediate period of the Covid19 emergency and during what is likely to be a sustained period of economic recession beyond.

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Let’s talk about pricing

Being asked a while back to provide some advice to artists on pay and pricing matters for a new website was the generator of this short text. It begins with summarising some of the issues and ends with a few suggestions for what artists might do to improve their chances of making a living while steadily moving their art practice forward.

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