Independent Creative Living - some reading

Think about it: living creatively, for life, was a conference held in Gateshead, 28 June 2016 comprising inspiring presentations and a practical workshop. It was aimed specifically at interested people from the arts, health and wellbeing and housing to explore and debate the issues and strategies and to inform a chain of actions which will lead to development and realisation of the concept of Independent Creative Living as an innovative housing and arts development initiative in North East England. A compilation of some of the resources that those organising this event and furthering the initiative have found informative or inspirational is published here for wider information. Updates added 09/08/2016

Older arts and housing

Baba Yaga House (France)

Baba Yaga Place (Canada)

MPTF Foundation, Los Angeles,

PAL (Performing Arts Lodges), Canada

Radical Resthomes, Canada

Rosa Speirs House (The Netherlands)

UK Retirement Housing, Frank Knight 2014

Research, writing and commentary

Active Ageing: A Policy Framework, World Health Organization, 2002

Age of Creativity

Ageing in public: Creative practice in ageing and the public realm from across the UK, Cubitt Arts Public Wisdom Project

Cohousing: It makes sense for people with things in common to live together, The Guardian 2015

Future of an Ageing Population, Government Office for Science, 2016

Community 2.0: Is Cohousing the future of urban design? Towergate Insurance

Growing Old Together: The Case for Housing that is Shaped and Controlled by Older People, 2013, Housing LIN

Housing our ageing population: Positive ideas HAPPI 3, 2016

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again, Julia Cameron via

Kobayashi, L. C., Wardle, J. & von Wagner, C (2015). Internet use, social engagement and health literacy decline during ageing in a longitudinal cohort of older English adults, Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, Vol 69, Iss 3, pp 278-283

Lastingness: The Art of Old Age, Nicholas Delbanco, Hachette Group, 2011

NESTA: Ageing and innovation

NESTA: Five a day

On late style, Edward Said, 2006

Physical access and social isolation emerge as key factors linked to decline in arts engagement among older people.

Policies and Programs of Support for Senior Artists, Joyce Zemans, York University, Canada, IFACCA 2007 (covers 14 countries)

Senior cohousing communities – an alternative approach for the UK? Maria Brenton, Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2013–-alternative-approach-uk

Silver Cities: Realising the Potential of our Growing  Older Population’, Ed Cox et al, IPPR North, Dec 2014

Tackling Loneliness in Older Age – The Role of the Arts, David Cutler, Baring Foundation, October 2012

The Creativity and Aging Study: The Impact of Professionally Conducted Cultural Programs on Older Adults, Dr Gene D. Cohen, National Endowment for the Arts and George Washington University, USA April 2006

The Wise Body: conversations with experienced dancers, Jackie Lansley, Intellect Books, 2011

With a little help from our friends: Creating Community as We Grow Older, Beth Baker, 2014

University of Newcastle: Ageing Creatively

Winter Fires, Francois Matarasso, Baring Foundation 2012

The Long Life, Helen Small, OUP, 2007

Specialist organisations or projects

Age and Opportunity 

‘Apartments for Life’ (The Netherlands)

Bealtaine Festival (Ireland)

Carter Burn Gallery, New York City, USA, targets artists over the age of 60.

Equal Arts

Long Live Arts (European consortium)

The National Center for Creative Aging, USA

Opportunity Knocks: Designing solutions for an ageing society, David Sinclair & Helen Creighton, 2015, collaboration between the International Longevity Centre – UK, Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), and Engineering Design Centre (EDC) at University of Cambridge

The Performance Ensemble - company of performers over the age of 60 from a range of different performance skills and diverse cultures

Intergenerational initiatives

Art Cart: the legacy project, The Research Center for Arts and Culture (RCAC), USA  includes videos

Bricks, Mortar and Policy Perspectives for Intergenerational Living’, August 2015, Housing LIN

 Cohabit Quebec (Canada)

Day care for children combined into elder care facility USA

Co-housing initiatives

Cooperative Housing Ireland  

Canada examples

Nimble Spaces (Ireland)

Older Women's Cohousing, Barnet, London – a shortlisted project in 2016 Housing Awards

UK Cohousing Network

Women’s Housing Initiative Manitoba (US)

Arts press

Long Live Creative Living, Arts Professional, October 2015