If you’re looking for consultants who do things with flair and imagination, come to us. We really understand the ecology of the arts and can assist small organisations and practice-based networks to be progressive and creative across everything they do. Because we know all about the digital and changing cultural trends, we can help you to be light-footed and creative, whilst building strong networks and communities of interest.

Our Organisational review package is designed to set a small organisation or artists’ group back on track, combining vision and business planning with skills and people analyses - and where required a communications and resourcing plan - to arrive at the best and most creative solutions to moving forward.

We can provide customised briefings and sectoral evidence to cultural leaders and arts agencies on topics including artists and policy, artists’ fees and good practice and how to support artists’ creativity.

Whether it’s planning a development strategy, writing a proposal or fundraising bid, or checking a contract, our mentoring for artists and advice for groups is personalised. We’re especially good when things go awry and you find you need a critical friend. Seminars and talks on offer include ‘What are artists for?’, Artists’ livelihood and employment strategies and Negotiating for artists.