Research and advice

Susan Jones is researcher and commentator on contemporary visual arts and artists' matters. Her doctoral research at Manchester Metropolitan University 2015-2019 exposed a new rationale for future interrelationships between artists' livelihoods and arts policy. Research, briefings and sectoral evidence are provided to arts and cultural development.

She is a mentor and adviser to individual artists and artists’ groups, and contributor to programmes including Boosting Resilience: Survival Skills for the New Normal, Castlefield Gallery Associates, ELIA NXT Project, Mark Devereux Arts, New Bridge Project, S1 Artworks and Somerset Art Works. She directed a-n The Artists Information Company 1999-2014 and was a Board member of Redeye: The Photography Network 2014-2018.

Seminars and talks on offer to artists, artist development programmes and events include 'Negotiating better'' and ‘What are artists for?’