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The artists and arts policy conundrum

Subtitled the interrelationship between arts policies and artists’ livelihoods, this new primary research will gather new evidence  from artists about the contexts and conditions they need and reflect on arts policies intended to support the livelihoods of artists, with the aim of generating a new rationale for the conducive environments which can better sustain artists in future. Updated 29/12/2017

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Rethinking artists: the role of artists in the 21st Century

This essay for the 2014 Seoul Art Space, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture International Symposium briefly covers UK arts policies for support to artists’ development, comments on their impact on artists’ social and economic status and suggests a rethinking of the artists’ intrinsic role in society as a vital part of securing and sustaining contemporary visual arts in the future.

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Ways and means: livelihood strategies 1984 to 2014

This audio presentation by Susan Jones at Work and Art, CRATE, UCA Canterbury, March 2015, considers the climate for visual artists’ practice and their artists’ ability to make a living. By referencing evidence and data from arts and cultural sources over the last thirty years and considering insight from future forecasting, it identifies prevailing issues surrounding support to artists within the public sector. It concludes by articulating some of the inherent issues and challenges within the current and future ecology for artists and the contemporary visual arts that need to be addressed by public funders and the sector alike.

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